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Yet another excellent piece of analysis. I could have attached this comment to many other posts, but this one in particular caught my attention.

I want to reiterate that I appreciate all the wide-ranging issues that appear on this blog and the best part about it is that, unlike many other writers, I never know what to expect from you next.

Keep ’em coming!


For me, reading your blog is a labour of love, as it has been for you writing it, as well as CENTRAL to my investment activity. Your clarity of writing and broad perspectives distinguish your mini-essays from the best of the other commentators/advisors. 2nd place is far below you.


Just like to give kudos to Cam Hui. I have marveled at how great pianists can play one side of a score with their right hand and a seemingly different one with their left, to make an intricate, beautiful sounding overall performance.  Cam’s ability to play the short and intermediate terms with sound and differing reasoning is just as hard and well done.


Your insights have helped me tremendously, both on a technical perspective and thinking holistically whilst trying to survive the current complexity in this trading environment.

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